The Choice of Driving School Ensures the Safety of Your Kids

Is your child old enough to receive driving lessons? Soon after kids turn 16 it’s likely that they are urging you to enrol them in driving classes as being able to drive gives them a sense of independence. Start by applying for Learner License. Learner license holders can drive under the supervision of a license holder until they turn 18.

Why is it important to find the right driving school?

There are reasons parents put a lot of thought before deciding on the driving school. Statistics point that teen drivers cause thrice the number of crashes than those over 20. Without the right training, they wouldn’t know to handle complex right-of-way issues. Reputed driving schools come up with a driving program that is designed to help students in all situations.

Finding a qualified driving instructor is hence paramount to the training process. With the rise in technology, there is increased threat of distracted driving. The trainers at LTrent Driving School are experienced and help students throughout the process. They give students valuable driving tips and explain the consequences of distracted driving.

How to find the right driving school?              

Ask for recommendations: Ask around for recommendations from family and friends. Receiving recommendations from someone who have first-hand experience with a driving school is an excellent way to find a handful of good driving schools.

Make a list: Apart from recommendations, you can do your own search online. Google the information and make a list of the schools that pop up. Check out their unbiased reviews online and compare each of them in terms of rating, personal preferences and price. You can also pay a visit to the schools and see how they work.

Verify credentials: Check if they are insured and certified. Driving instructors should hold a valid Provisional Instructor License. Choosing someone with good credentials is important.

Experience: A driving school that has been in business for years and well-established is a good choice. It is also recommended to enquire the experience of instructors. Someone who has been teaching for 2 to 3 years is ideal.

Flexibility: You kid could be involved in after-school activities or have a game. What if your kid is forced to miss classes since he/she is down with flu? How does the instructor make up for the missed classes? Choosing someone who offers flexible solutions would help to get the most of the driving class.

When you are meeting the instructor in person, it is important to ask a lot of questions and clarify your concerns. This helps to further narrow down your decisions. Ask the following questions when you meet the team in persons.

  • Will there be the same instructor during every class?
  • Will the same car be provided throughout the classes and during the driving exam?
  • What is your pass rate?
  • Is there car sharing involved?

Learning to drive from experienced professionals makes students be more mindful about the traffic rules. They will help you practice safe-driving which is the need of the hour. Make the right choice of driving school.