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Are you the author of a travel blog or a travel blogger who is interested in publishing your travel-related content? Readers are encouraged to contribute to the expansion of the Jetaport.com website and to earn author credits for their work. Read through our Travel write for us to submit guest post standards listed below, and make sure that your material is published appropriately.

Our doors are always open to prospective authors who are interested in sharing their knowledge, experiences, and recommendations with the Travel community. Our audience is interested in gaining insights that can be put into practice on the technologies that are revolutionizing travel and the innovators that make them possible. 

How To Submit Your Travel Writing To Us And Other Guidelines?

  • Please make sure that your content is relevant to vacations, travel, or other locations, as well as seasonal or thematic vacations.
  • The main portion of the article has to be at least 600 words long. The body of the article may have no more than a maximum of 2,000 words.
  • Article should be unique or not duplicated.
  • Submissions that are genuine and one of a kind: we do not tolerate any sort of duplicate content or pieces that have been twisted. Only offer us stuff that you created yourself, as Google has said that doing so is against their guidelines.
  • Article content that is related to illegal substances, alcohol, or copyright issues should not be approved under any circumstances.
  • The article should follow the same format as the specialty.
  • You are only allowed one link to be included within the main body of the article, and this link will be counted as the author resource.

Subjects And Categories Should Be Posted Here:

  • A travel guide that focuses on important cities, sites, and vacations
  • Places within the borders of your state that are perfect for day trips and weekend getaways
  • Travel tips, information about traveling throughout different seasons, and the most up-to-date travel news.

Style Guidelines

  • We will publish the content for our travel writing service only on the condition that you adhere to the Checklist that is presented in the following paragraphs: Kindly produce a post that is optimized for search engines; for your convenience, a checklist is provided in the following paragraphs:
  • The primary keyword and the title should be related to one another in some way.
  • Make sure to include extra keywords not just in headings 2 and 3, but also in headings 1 and 2.
  • The desired keyword should be included in the text a minimum of three to four times (if you find that you are unable to utilize the phrase naturally, you should either split it up or use other terms from it inside the same paragraph).
  • The most effective places to put the desired keyword are at the beginning (within the first hundred words), in the middle (almost exactly halfway through), and after the text (the final 150 words).
  • Keywords that are related: you could use this as a header, or you could incorporate it in the text itself. The choice is yours.
  • Refrain from using the keywords a great number of times; rather, use them just in the parts of the material in which they are relevant and make sense.
  • When you are writing the article, make sure that you do not include any material that is unnecessary or extraneous.

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