Where should you keep sanitizer at the officer?

Every inch of your office is most likely covered in bacteria and germs yet there are a few danger zones that you need to consider for your sanitization campaign. You must be sure to keep a hand sanitizer in the danger zones to curb the spread of diseases among your employees.

On the desk of your employees

The desk of your employees is most likely to be covered with dirt, dust, and microbes that can make your employees sick. You may think that your hands are the cleanest in the world, but the fact is that germs might be crawling all over the desk. You can get them on and in your body by touching your computer, coffee cup, pen, and papers. According to a careful estimate, the total amount of bacteria on the keyboard, phone, and mouse, the average is around 30,000 organisms. That’s the reason you need to keep a good quality hand sanitizer on the table. If you are the owner of the office, you can buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk quantity.

Keep them by the doors

Doors are the second most used commonly used space after your desk. It is hardly a secret that doorknobs in your office become hotbeds for the growth of bacteria. CBS News says that a single door handle that is full of germs can infect half of your office space in the matter a few hours. That’s quite a spread. That’s the reason you should make sure that your staff is using sanitizers and the visitors are using the same before they touch the doorknobs in your office. If you keep them by the door side at an arm’s length, they are most likely to use it upon entering and exit.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are places which are usually busy as employees and board members are usually engaged in discussions, presentations, and arguments. When an employee is giving a presentation, he tends to speak at the top of his voice to reach the last member on the table even if he is speaking into a microphone. Spittle can likely fly from his mouth and with each spittle comes a load of flu and cold viruses. They can survive for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces such as tables and chairs. A couple of bottles of hand sanitizers can do the magic for you and save your team from getting contagious diseases.


Do you have an elevator in your office? Your office staff may most likely be suffering from flu or any other viral disease. Elevators are one of the most commonly used places in the office. Your employees will hit the floor numbers and use the same fingers to eat a pack of Cheetos, transferring the germs into their bodies. It is hardly a surprise that around 61% of the elevator buttons get contaminated with lots of bacteria. Keeping a sanitizer in the elevator will save your employees from getting infected with viral diseases.