Top 4 Tours To Buy When You Arrive in Bucharest

Bucharest is among the most attractive cities in the world. Boasting a mixture of ancient houses and communist style concrete buildings, Bucharest is exceptionally unique and beautiful. It is a city that consists of several different tourist attractions at once. Thus, you can visit museums, cemeteries, historical sites, markets, architectural sites, restaurants, and nearby smaller towns. As there is so much you can do, get in touch with a company that provides tours in Bucharest.

You can get in touch with such a company online prior to traveling and pick their most interesting Bucharest excursions. Some day trips will be done by foot, car or bicycle.  So you will have freedom to choose how you would like to have fun in Bucharest. This article will give you 3 clues on the tours you can pick.

A night tour to sample the city’s night life

There is hardly any passionate traveler who does not talk about a destination’s night life. It is part of what makes up a memorable trip. During your Bucharest trip, therefore, see to it that you go out at night. This will be easier if using a tour guide as they already know Bucharest’s best spots at night.

  • Unirii Square Fountain Show When traveling in spring or summer, you will be able to attend the Unirii Square Fountain Show. This is grand musical festival you would want to be a part of.


  • Go partying in the Old Town bars and Hipster pubs – While night life is not all about night clubs and bars, you really want to take advantage of this if it will make you happy. There are excellent bars in Old Town and Hipster pubs where you can go partying at night.


  • Check the Gradina EDEN – This is a special night tour you can buy when you visit Bucharest. Luxury and comfort meet in the Gradina EDEN. Besides providing a calm and peaceful environment, owners of Gradina EDEN also offer rejuvenating beers, spirits and wines. You can have your beer in a bottle or fetch it from a tap.

Go on a beer trip in Bucharest

It’s not everybody who enjoys drinking and partying in a noisy environment. If you are this kind of a tourist, Bucharest is still the best place to be. You can select a beer tasting tour where you will be able to test local craft beers. Not only will you be sipping beer but also learning how these beers are made locally. Your day excursion might also include street food tasting where you will eat what the locals call the ‘peasant platter’. And as you dine and drink, you will have your guide as the best company ever.

Have a glimpse of the Dracula

Bucharest’s part of world-class fame has something to do with the Bran Castle and the Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You don’t want to leave the country without finding out more about this. Usually this trip entails a whole day tour of the town of Bran and some exciting places in Transylvania. Besides story-telling, there will be breathtaking views to catch and exploration of various towns.

Eat out in Bucharest

Often any trip is never complete without a day or two out to test the local cuisine. You can taste the most delicious food cooked by Romanians right in Bucharest. Make sure you taste their national dish called sarmale — consist of minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbaged. The tastiest Sarmale is cooked slowly in an iron appliance over a small fire. Ensure that you eat some local sweet cheese too, which is sold in bakeries.