Reduce Crime Rate In Memphis – Learn How It Is Done

In the past few years, cases of crime have increased in Memphis. Various types of efforts are being taken by the government to bring down these incidents. Let us see why it is required to curb crime and what measures are taken to accomplish it.

What are the different types of crimes faced by Memphis?

Youth gun violence was the top reason responsible for the crime in Memphis. A majority of these crimes were committed by youth under 24 years old. Also, a lot of this violence has taken root in the regions of Frayser and South Memphis.

In the situation of changing societal requirements and declining budgets, the mayor of the nation used innovation techniques to solve the most pressing issues. Crime is happening at a frequent rate in deprived neighborhoods. There are several communities in Memphis suffering from a crime that limits potential growth and investment in Memphis city.

There are around 53,000 empty properties in Memphis. These vacancies scare not just residents but also future investors to make the investment in properties in Memphis. This enables crime to make a strong foundation in this city. is a website of Memphis Shellby Crime Commission. It is a strategic initiative organized and headed by a team of experts to reduce violent crime.

What measures are taken to lower the crime rate in Memphis?

With assistance from Bloomberg Philanthropies, a team of 5 mayors has organized innovation squads to devise creative solutions for the betterment of the life of the locals in Memphis. These mayors of the Memphis city are responsible to take care of each and every citizen of Memphis, protect youth and revitalize the major communities that form a significant part of Memphis.

Due to declining resources and shrinking budgets, it is hard to depend on the traditional and ineffective government method to execute these goals. It is the need of the hour to find out and implement new ways to develop a secure, vibrant and a stronger Memphis city.

This can only be achieved by innovative methods and results-oriented data-driven solutions. The “i-team” is assigned the task to work across the different divisions of the city to address some of our most persistent challenges faced by the people in Memphis today.

This team formulates effective strategies to understand the cause that drives violence, figure out people who can solve it, and execute a solution that holds every Memphis citizen answerable.

What is the result achieved by the efforts laid down by the Memphis i-team?

The result of these innovative and targeted attempted was seen effective in mobilizing police, altering the values of the community to accept crime, conduct jobs training and formulate stronger policies. There has been seen a 22% reduction in robberies, non-domestic violence intensified attacks, and homicides. In just the South Memphis, a 50% reduction in crime rate is seen.


Memphis has been through a tough time of the violent crime. These innovative teams have been successful in lowering the crime rate to a great extent. It needs continuous implementation to eradicate crime to the maximum level.