Exotic Dinner Cruise at Sydney – Guide For First-Timers To Ensure Everything Goes As Planned

Sydney is one of the best cruise destinations in the world. It could be due to its ideal weather, overflowing number of beaches, scenic views, iconic landmarks or all of the above. What’s a Sydney vacation without taking a cruise at Sydney Harbor Port? The city offers great seafood and wine. Why not combine food and cruise during an evening at Sydney?

Dinner cruise at Sydney:

Book a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise with Sydney Harbor Tall Ships for a 2-hour magical evening surrounded by bliss views. Enjoy three-course meal and make your experience more memorable by opting for the additional Mast Climb challenge and drinks package.

Cracking the cruise dinner dress code:

The type of dinner also influences the dress code.  Some cruise lines mention the dress code allowed. Though it is acceptable to go all casual when travelling in a cruise, general rules apply when you in a formal dining room setting.

  • Formal: If your cruise line mentions you are expected to be in formals, ladies can opt for full-length evening gown and men can don their dark suit or tuxedo with polished shoes.
  • Semi-formal: The standard outfit for women is cocktail dress with heels while men can wear collared shirts and dress pants. Dark jeans without holes work fine.
  • Casual: Non-collared shirts, jeans and sneakers come under casual wear. It is recommended to avoid tank tops and flip flops. It is best to cover torso, feet and legs.

Bad decisions that could spoil your cruise plan:

In spite of how well you prepare, a cruise vacation can go wrong. The fault could be yours or due to Mother Nature (which we have no control over), or a sudden flu. There are some mistakes which could be avoided.

Failing to pay attention to the fine print: The cruise line could deny boarding citing legit reasons like: you are pregnant, your behaviour is unacceptable, you skip the muster drill, you bring in drugs etc. Read every detail in the fine print to make sure you are adhering to the rules.

You chose the wrong season: The climate during months between October and March are hot and humid. There could also be floods. Ensure you are booking the cruise night during the right season so that you don’t run out of luck.

Smoking in restricted areas: Cruise lines limit passengers to smoking only in specific areas of the cruise. If you ignore the rules and smoke in your cabin, there could be accidental fire. If you are caught smoking, you will be fined.

Rude to the waiters: Be considerate to waiters and avoid being over-demanding. They are trying their best to juggle between orders. If any issue arises, sort it out amicably. You are likely to end up with the best solution if you handle things politely.

Don’t drink too much: Just because you purchased an alcohol package, over-drinking wouldn’t end well if you are sharing the table with someone else. Alcohol clouds a person’s sense of judgement and you don’t want to make a bad impression amidst fellow travellers.

Little mistakes could ruin your cruise experience. By being extra careful you’ll end up having a great time.