Chandeliers Now Are Keeping Both Tradition and Innovation in Hand

Chandeliers have always been an awe-inspiring existence dazzling the room gracefully. If you don’t have one, it must be your dream to own it. You can never deny the appeal of a glamorous chandelier no matter where you are. Home decor experts say that you can put a chandelier in the most unexpected places of the house depending on whether it fits or not.

Nowadays chandeliers are not that expensive, if you look for it at the right place. You can get everything you want in modern chandeliers. Sofary brings you a whole range of luxury lighting fixtures directly from the manufacturer cutting the cost considerably. Founded in Seattle, Washington, it has a global supply chain of designer lightings. You can expect from them high quality products at affordable price.

How Did the Trend Start?

This decorative piece of lighting made a huge appearance in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was a symbol of grandeur which was a must-have for all big mansions and palaces of Europe and United States. It spread its wings overseas also and specially in wealthy estates and privately owned houses. It was exclusively for the rich and thus the production was scarce and design was limited.

Then, with the advent of industrial revolution the mass production of chandeliers also started. This made the product cheaper than before and therefore, became accessible in greater extent. In this way, you can find many people adorning their houses with beautiful shimmering chandeliers which created a radiant ambience in the room. It can turn a dull room special by giving it elegance and a style statement.

What Is Different Now?

Chandeliers in modern time are quite a lot different from the old school designs. It adopts the idea and intention of the old but sheds the inflexibility. The main characteristic of today’s chandelier is being ingenious. Although the new is breaking boundaries with beyond imagination functionality and design, the old has its own charm.

Now you can find chandeliers with various patterns and shapes, and most unique designs. It is also made with a wide range of materials. These chandeliers can also have special lighting features like a dimmer switch or colorful lighting. You can also choose the chandelier according to your aesthetics. Nowadays, you can even get an estimate of the right size and design from the internet and compare the products.

Things to Keep In Mind When Putting Up a Chandelier

The main aim of putting up a chandelier is to allure and dazzle the visitor. Therefore, take few notes-

  • The room and chandelier should complement each other. It should not look out of place. Either match the chandelier with the room decors or change the decor according to your favorite piece of lighting.
  • Choose the appropriate size. A too large piece can easily overwhelm the room and make it congested whereas a smaller size may make it lose its charm.
  • Find a good base support for the fixture.