Switch to Moisturizing CBD-Infused Lip Balms and Get Rid of Dry, Flaky Lips

Dry and chapped lips are a common problem faced by many. It could be due to dehydration, habitual licking or changes in weather. We pay extra attention to face care but end up ignoring taking care of our lips. Proper lip care is an essential part of face care. Thin, dry lips would strip away the glow from your face. Lip balms serve as a layer of protection and hydrate the lips.

Latest trend in lip balms:

There are various balms online which claim to guarantee moisturized and supple lips but not all of them are effective. The hottest in the market right now is CBD lip balms. CBD aka cannabidiol extracted from cannabis plant is creating a huge buzz in variety of products. With CBD products making an appearance in almost every product CBD balm are currently in huge demand.

The ingredients of CBD lip balm vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you are particular about the percentage of CBD and THC in them you can refer to the label before placing your order. If you are looking for tried-and-tested best CBD lip balms try the super-hydrating Healing Lip Balm from the most popular CBD supplier Allueur.

Allueur is the go-to choice for CBD beauty products for Florida residents. Their top-seller lip balm includes an array of nourishing essential oils like linseed, avocado, coconut, olive fruit and sunflower seed. It glides smooth on your lips and nourishes your lips. Dab them whenever your lips feel dry. You could also dab it beneath a layer of lipstick for added hydration.

Benefits of CBD-infused lip balms:

  • Hydration: Since our lips can’t produce natural oil, they tend to become dry during winters which cause them to become dry and chapped. Many do the mistake of licking their lips which in turn dries their lips further. Balms contain moisturizing properties and leaves lips hydrated for hours. CBD lip balm offers good deal of nourishment.
  • UV protection: We apply sunscreen to our face when stepping outside during the day but we fail to incorporate SPF to our lips which are also subjected to harsh UV rays. CBD lip balms help with treating cracking and infections that resulted from sun damage within a short duration.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Due to its thin layer lips are more prone infection and cracks. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties and cuts down inflammation. The presence of additional essential oils in it amplifies its role in reducing swelling.
  • Anti-bacterial: The free radicals in our body damage other healthy cells. The anti-bacterial property of CBD helps to neutralize and stabilize these free radicals and protects our lips thus keeping bacteria and infections at bay.

CBD-lip balms are much better than other lip balms due to CBD’s unique therapeutic properties. They are also packed with many additional nutrients. Have realistic expectations when using CBD lip balms. It is practically impossible to get rid of chapped, pigmented or dry lips overnight. Use it consistently every day to see results – supple and hydrated lips.