General Reasons Behind the Driving Test Faults

Driving permit is mandatory to drive vehicles on road. To have driving license you need to pass certain tests and they are practical and theory test. To pass both these tests, it is essential to have driving permits.

While attempting the tests, candidates due to varied reasons fail in the exam. One prominent reason is because they are unable to understand the ways adapted by the examiner during the practical tests. Even passing theory tests prove difficult as the candidates don’t know the type of questions to answer.

Know how practical driving tests are evaluated:

  • Even if you do fifteen minor faults you can pass but two or three major faults of the same kind will create an issue.
  • Major faults involve three kinds.
    • A dangerous mistake is when the driver’s fault causes harm to the driver, passenger, to the vehicle and surrounding properties.
    • A serious fault is when someone drives dangerously.
    • When you repeatedly do the same mistake again and again.
  • Some of the common faults observed by the examiner is the reason behind not getting good passing marks.
    • The fault can be not checking the mirrors often.
    • Stalling the car can be a common fault reflecting your inexperience to start the engine freely.
    • While driving if the vehicle touches the kerb, it won’t be considered as major fault. If your vehicle hits the kerb while turning or reversing the vehicle won’t be considered a major fault, however if you hit kerb while people are around is a major fault.
    • When you are unsure or lose confidence while driving, the common fault may damp the chances of achieving the driving license. This is because the examiner will conclude that you need to learn driving confidently.
    • While hesitating before applying the brakes or while reversing the vehicle, may regarded as minor faults. Many examiners prefer the candidates to apply handbrakes while parking and to secure car when stopped even for a moment.
    • Driving slowly or not keeping arms properly on the steering wheel won’t be considered a fault, but if you fail to apply brake at the right place, it is a mistake. Moreover, abiding by the indicated speed limit will help in getting good grades. If you drive the vehicle slow and not reach the end point in required time may consider as a minor fault.
    • While driving you are asked to read the instructions written on the post from twenty meters away. If you fail to read it correctly it may be considered as a minor fault.
  • A few faults while attempting theory driving tests:
  • The main issues arise when you aren’t able to complete the theory paper on time.
  • You have attempted few questions rightly.
  • While attempting the digital medium theory tests, you are confused and leave all the questions unanswered.

The best way to escape from committing these faults is to go for DVLA theory test booking. There will be a lot of beneficial facilities available for aspiring drivers to pass the driving tests successfully.