Living In Malta Is For International Students

The Republic of Malta a South European nation is one of many of the least populated in the world. Valetta the capital of Malta has an area of 0.8 km. It is also one among the smallest European Union capitals.

Malta is a great country to live in as an international student. A number of student living facilities in Malta, offering quality accommodation at an affordable cost. These facilities include apartments or houses, dormitories, hostels and many more. Many of these facilities have amenities such as swimming pool, gyms, and dining options that make them ideal for students. You will find them all in different parts, offering great deals for students.


Although it is a small country, Malta has several public and private institutions that offer programs for international students. These institutes are mainly located in Valetta. Institutes offer graduate programs across a variety of subjects as well specialized courses in tourism, arts and technology.

Immigration And Visas In Malta:

EU citizens may study or work in Malta with no visa. However, after 90 days they must apply for a residence permit. A student visa would be required for those from outside of the EU. This would be obtained from the Spanish consulate in their home country. Every University of Malta has an international representative that can help with visa application and visa requirements. A language test may also be required by students as per the international graduate.

The Lifestyle In Malta

While Malta has many great opportunities for foreign students, the traditional way of life is still maintained. The island is friendly and safe. It’s also one of the most affordable places to learn in Europe. These factors are why Malta is becoming increasingly popular with international students.

Working From Malta:

Students from other countries are allowed to study in Malta. After completing the course, students would need sponsorship from an employer to continue their work in Malta. Translation Services and IT hire the highest percentage of graduates from countries outside the EU.


Students in Malta have two options: University accommodation or home stay. While they may be off-campus, the University-owned accommodations offer independence and a great deal. A home stay would allow you to stay with a local family. It also gives you an insight into the Maltese cultural scene.


Malta has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and cold winters. The weather is fairly stable all year. However, the wind might be strong.


It is easy to find bus routes in Malta or Gozo. This includes the express train that departs from the airport. Buses run every hour from dawn to late at night.


Euro refers to the currency in Malta.

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