Foolproof Way to Enjoy Every Bit of Fun Happy Hours Offer

The mention of ‘Happy hours’ is sure to brighten the day for most of us. It couldn’t have been named better. Who doesn’t get happy when alcohol prices go down? Be it a tiring day at work or you are looking for a midday break, going out to a nearby restaurant or bar sounds soothing. Happy hours aren’t just about drinking. It is a great time to relax and spend time with friends.

How did ‘Happy hours’ come into existence?

The emergence of the term dates back to 1920. Sailors considered it to be a period of entertainment. Ever since then the concept of happy hours has evolved. Today ‘Happy hours’ or ‘Cocktail hours’ are a promotional scheme used by bars and restaurants to allure groups of people.

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Drinking tips for happy hours:

Drinking during the day is so much different from night drinking. The drinking part doesn’t require special considerations. Eating right after taking alcohol is the important part. It ensures you get through the day fairly well amongst sober people and avoid morning hangovers.

  • The Night Before: You would end up feeling sick if you spend the previous night drinking until early hours of the morning. It is okay to consume a few rounds of beers or couple of shots. Anything more than that isn’t recommended.
  • Brunch around 1pm: Avoid stuff like triple cheeseburgers and go for usual breakfast menu. You can have eggs, potatoes and bacon. You need to have room to drink. If you want to drink during brunch, restrict it to a maximum of two rounds. Do not try shots with your brunch.
  • Happy hours drinks: Purchase a bucket of beers for everyone to enjoy. When everyone had taken turns to buy alcohol and it comes back to you, purchase another bucket.
  • Happy hours food: Nothing! If the bar provides free peanuts you can eat it as it helps you with hangovers and is loaded with vitamins.
  • At home after 8: Drink lots of water and at a burger or pizza or a cheesesteak. Fill up your stomach before hitting the bed.

Enjoy a safe and responsible happy hour:

It is important to stay safe amidst all the fun. Though there are some who feel ‘happy hours’ promotes irresponsible drinking, there are ways to have a great time and end up at home safe without any untoward incident.

  • If you have driven up to the place in a car make sure there is driver who can take you back home. In case everyone has taken alcohol, book a cab or ask someone else to drive you home.
  • Decide beforehand how many rounds you are going to buy. The idea of happy hours isn’t about getting completely drunk and leave the place stumbling.
  • Don’t Binge-drink as it is dangerous

Follow these guidelines so that you don’t miss out on the ‘happy’ in the ‘happy hours’ even when you wake up the next day sans hangover. Happy day drinking!